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Freelander Camel Trophy

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inklusive MwSt. und NoVA

Unter dem folgenden Link können Sie ein Video der Camel Trophy 1998 ersehen. ()

Dieses Original-Fahrzeug der Camel Trophy 1998 fuhren "Kristina Gruss & Rupert Riedl".
Unten können Sie noch das gesamte Starterfeld ersehen.

Auszug aus er offiziellen Camel Trophy Homepage:
One year after exploring the steppes of Mongolia, the Camel Trophy returned to where the great adventure started eighteen years before - Latin America, this time Chile and Argentina. The event's evolution was now complete and the teams of athletes would be participating in a range of disciplines, including for the first time in the Camel Trophy's history, winter sports. Camel Trophy is well known for its brutal treks through steaming, malaria-infested jungles and punishing deserts but despite snow in Mongolia, this was the first true first winter event, with temperatures expected to reach minus 30 degrees in Patagonia.

The American team's trainer, Tom Collins, participant in the 1987 event said, "the weather is going to be the challenge on this event. If you make mistakes, you could lose your toes or fingers, even your life. Other Camel Trophies have sounded miserable, with the mud and the rain and the insects, but they were usually in places that were very friendly for human beings, places where there's water and warmth. Here, if you screw up, you die."

The capability of the Camel Trophy hopefuls was tested during the International Selections. In preparation for the snowy and icy environment of Chile and Argentina, the cold spring of northern Sweden provided a wintry backdrop for five days of activities. For the first two days, participants rotated through a series of exercises designed to familiarise them with the equipment to be used on the event. Training was also provided in navigation, first aid, communications, winter survival and mechanics. During the final three days, the candidates were evaluated in a number of competitions, including ice driving on the frozen surface of Lake Djupsjon, uphill and downhill treks on the ski slopes of Trillevallen, Grade 3 rapids below the thundering waterfalls of Ristafallet and muddy mountain biking around the wooded acres of Favikens Egendom. The highlight of the week was an unusual night-driving slalom competition on the ice that tested the candidates' accuracy, precision and skill behind the wheel; the courses were marked only by candlelight. But what vehicles were the candidates driving

For the first time since 1990, a new Land Rover vehicle had its baptism of fire in the Camel Trophy. The Freelander was Land Rover's first SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) and the manufacturers were keen that it should demonstrate its abilities. The Freelander proved popular and capable at the International Selections in Sweden. The driving exercises took place on mixed terrain, ev...

  • KFZ Modell: Freelander Camel Trophy
  • KFZ Typ: Freelander Camel Trophy
  • Genaue Farbbezeichnung: Beige
  • Innenfarbe: Stoff Grau
Ausstattung Detail:
  • ABS
  • Airbag-Beifahrer
  • Airbag-Fahrer
  • Alufelgen
  • Anhängevorrichtung
  • Antischlupfregelung
  • Außenspiegel anklappbar
  • E - Fensterheber 2-fach
  • Seilwinde
  • Servolenkung
  • Traktionskontrolle
  • Zentralverriegelung
  • HINWEIS: Bei einigen angezeigten Daten (z.B. Serienausstattungen) handelt es sich um Hersteller/ Importeursangaben bzw. Angaben von Eurotax & Bitte beachten Sie, dass es hierdurch zu Abweichungen zum jeweiligen Fahrzeugangebot kommen kann. Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr.

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Abs, Zentralverriegelung, Elektr. fensterheber, Servolenkung, Airbag, Anhängerkupplung, Traktionskontrolle, Alufelgen
Marke: Land rover
Modell: Freelander Camel Trophy
Erstzulassung: 01.03.1998
Kilometerstand: 79 000
Leistung: 97 PS / 71 KW
Kraftstoff: Diesel
Farbe: gelb
Getriebeart: schaltgetriebe
Garantie: keine Angabe
FahrzeugID: 5734657

Hubraum: 1 994
Motor: keine Angabe
Aufbauart: suv / geländewagen
Anzahl Sitze: 4
Anzahl Türen: 5
Kraftstoff: Diesel
Farbe: gelb
Garantie/Zeit: keine Angabe
Garantie/Leistung:: keine Angabe
letzte §57a-Überprüfung: keine Angabe

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